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PM3 Troubleshooting

LogCard Issues

Symptom 1

The monitor cannot read the LogCard and/or does not acknowledge an inserted LogCard at all.

Resolutions 1

Try the following resolutions in the order listed:

  1. Remove the LogCard and reinsert it.
  2. Loosen the battery door screw. If the screw is too tight, it can cause the PM3 or PM4 case to warp so there is not enough pressure for the monitor to sense the LogCard.
  3. Ensure the monitor caseback screws are tight.
  4. Try inserting the LogCard upside down or backwards. This should cause an error on the monitor.
    • If you get an error, the switch inside the monitor is working. Reinsert the LogCard correctly. If this does not cause any reaction from the monitor, then the LogCard is not hitting the switch. Inspect the LogCard to determine whether it's warped or bent. If so, replace it, or apply some gentle heat and pressure to flatten it out.
    • If you do not get an error, then the LogCard is not hitting the switch. Contact Concept2 for additional assistance.

Symptom 2

The monitor displays "Cannot read LogCard" when the LogCard is inserted correctly.

Resolution 2

When this happens the problem is with the LogCard, not the monitor. You can try and repair the LogCard using the Concept2 Utility:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Concept2 Utility on your computer.
  2. Launch the Concept2 Utility.
  3. Connect the PM to your computer with the USB cable provided with your PM.
  4. Insert your LogCard into the PM.
  5. Using the Concept2 Utility, transfer your LogCard data to a spreadsheet. During the transfer data function, the Concept2 Utility will detect and correct the errors associated with the LogCard. It does this by rewriting the card. When you are prompted to have the Concept2 Utility rewrite the card, select OK. Your data will be retained.

If the problem persists, the LogCard must be replaced.

Symptom 3

The LogCard suddenly loses workout history information. It may show total summary, but not specific monthly summary or individual workout information.

Resolution 3

The LogCard has been corrupted. Using the most recent version of the Concept2 Utility, go to Transfer Data > Transfer to Spreadsheet (or any option that requires the Concept2 Utility to read the LogCard). The utility will detect the errors and prompt you to rewrite the card. Select Yes. You will not lose any workout data.

For more information about LogCard rewrites, visit the Concept2 Utility Troubleshooting page.

Symptom 4

The LogCard is not recording any rowing/skiing data.

Resolutions 4

  • If you typically do “Just Row” or “Just Ski” workouts, make sure your workout is longer than one minute in duration. Workouts that are less than one minute long do not get saved—either in the PM memory or on the LogCard.
  • Make sure you press Menu | Back to return to the Main Menu before removing the LogCard. If you remove the LogCard before pressing Menu | Back, the monitor will record the information in Memory and not on the LogCard. This applies to “Just Row/Just Ski” workouts, “interval” pieces, and any pre-set workout where you do not finish the entire piece.

Symptom 5

The LogCard is not recording monthly totals.

Resolution 5

This can occur if workouts have been saved to the LogCard with future dates. (Having workouts with future/invalid dates occurs when the date on the PM is not set correctly. Learn how to set the date and time on your PM)

It is not possible to edit the dates on past workouts. The only resolution is to delete these workouts from your LogCard. (If you use an online logbook at, manually enter those workouts in your logbook before deleting them from your LogCard.)

Once you've deleted the workouts from your LogCard, use the Concept2 Utility and go to the Transfer Data > Transfer to Spreadsheet option (or any option that requires the utility to read the LogCard). When it reads the LogCard, the utility will clean up any problems and reset your monthly totals.