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Inserting a USB Flash Drive

The PM5 works with USB flash drives (FAT and FAT32 USB formats only) to store results, perform firmware updates and more. This USB flash drive works just like other USB flash drives you may have used: insert it into any USB port on your computer. You can then use the Concept2 Utility to manage the data on the drive.

Prior to using the USB flash drive to store results or perform firmware updates, it must be initialized. You can initialize it either with the PM5 or the Concept2 Utility. Steps for each method follow. For more information about what occurs behind the scenes during initialization, refer to USB Flash Drive Overview.

Initializing a USB Flash Drive with a PM5

  1. Insert a USB flash drive into the PM5.
  2. When prompted for a user name:
    • Choose plus or minus to scroll through the alphabet as needed.
    • Choose the right and left arrows to navigate through the various characters of the name.
  3. Select the checkmark icon to save the changes.

Initializing a USB Flash Drive with the Concept2 Utility

You must be running Concept2 Utility Version 7 or higher to follow this procedure.

  1. If the USB flash drive you want to initialize is inserted into your computer, remove it before proceeding.
  2. Establish an internet connection.
  3. If you have not already done so, download and install the Concept2 Utility, and then run it.
  4. On the main Concept2 Utility screen, click Update Firmware.
  5. When prompted to select a Performance Monitor, select PM5.
  6. Insert the USB flash drive into your computer.
  7. When prompted, enter a user name in the User Name field.
  8. Click Ok. The initializing process takes a few seconds; the Concept2 Utility will notify you when the process is complete.
  9. Click Ok to return to the Concept2 Utility main screen. You can now begin using your USB flash drive with your PM5.