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How to Use

Working with the List of Results

In addition to seeing completed results and uploading them to your online logbook, you can perform the following tasks when viewing a list of results in the Concept2 Utility:

Printing the List of Results

The Print button available when viewing the list of results generates a paper version of the information displayed. For example, if you have expanded the splits for a particular user, the splits will be expanded for that user on the print out. If you have collapsed a user's workouts so that just the user's name is displayed in the list, then that is how the resulting print out will look.

Showing/Hiding Splits and Intervals

Results information generally appears with the splits and intervals hidden by default. To view them, either click the plus button* next to a particular workout (click it again to hide the information) or:

  1. Right click the workout.
  2. Click Show splits/intervals in the menu that appears after right-clicking. (Click Hide splits/intervals to hide the information.)

*Note: This may appear as a right arrow in some operating systems.

Showing/Hiding All Information

To show all the workout information (including splits and intervals) for all users, right-click in the list of results and click Show All. Right-click in the list of results and click Hide All to collapse all workout information and show only the list of users.