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Getting your Erg in Shape

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Mar 18, 2020

Like many of us these days, you are probably spending a lot of time indoors, hunkering down and navigating the "new normal" in these days of Coronavirus. We've been hearing from people who are pulling out their ergs so they can stay healthy and active during this time at home. There are few easy things you can do to ensure your machines are fully functioning and ready to go. Continue Reading ›

SkiErg World Sprint @ CrossFit Kreis 9

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Nov 12, 2018

This year the Online Challenge "Concept2 SkiErg World Sprints" happend all over the world. In Zürich we made a little competition out of it @ CrossFit Kreis 9 with impressive athletes from all over the world:
- Barnabé Delarze, Rowing-Vice-Worldchampion in the Men's Double Sculls 2018, Olympic Diplom winner 2016 and multiple U23 World Champions
- Lukas Esslinger, 3x CrossFit Games competitor and Fittest of Switzerland 2018
- Jonne Koski, 4x CrossFit Games competitor and 2x CrossFit Regionals winner
Continue Reading ›

Concept2 at the CrossFit Games: Surprise!

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Aug 23, 2018

The first week in August found several members of the Concept2 team at the 12th annual CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, providing event support, giving tips and technique coaching on our equipment, catching up with old friends, and making new ones. Concept2 has a long history with the CrossFit community, and this year was an especially exciting one as we saw Concept2 equipment in more events than ever, including the much-discussed, first-ever-for-CrossFit marathon row. What an experience. Continue Reading ›

What is an Erg?

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Jun 06, 2018
The family of ergometers—the Model D Indoor Rower, SkiErg and BikeErg.

An “ergometer” (“erg” for short) is a device that measures work. Concept2’s Indoor Rowers, SkiErg, and BikeErg are all ergometers and this is a feature that sets them apart from many other exercise machines on the market. Continue Reading ›


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