Why Use a SkiErg during the Racing Season?

Jan 17, 2017

Ideally, one likes to ski on real snow in the winter, right? That’s what it’s all about. We’ve had a wonderful start to our ski season here in northern Vermont, with all trails open—notably many that were never skiable in last year’s disappointing winter. It’s been terrific to be able to ski so long and so far, for so many days in a row! Continue Reading ›

Swiss Alpine Battle 2016

Sep 09, 2016

Am 17. - 18. September findet die zweite Ausgabe des Swiss Alpine Battles statt. Mit prominenter Beteiligung wie dem amitierenden CrossFit Games Gewinner Matt Fraser und vielen mehr.

Ebenso sind unsere Concept2 Indoor Rower und SkiErgs im Einsatz.

Diese können zu Vorzugspreisen von 950 CHF für das Rudergerät respektive 1050 CHF für den SkiErg mit FloorStand erworben werden.

Mehr Informationen erhaltet ihr via info@concept2.ch oder per Telefon 044 711 10 10. Continue Reading ›


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How do you celebrate your birthday? @pgilles recruited @rozagilles and @a_cordova1 for a 100,000M #SkiErg. The trio averaged a 1:41.5 for over 5 and a half hours straight. Pat posted a fantastic summary of the event over at @pats_gym. Great tips and strategies for endurance events or any major mental/physical challenges. #Concept2 Photos: @rozagilles

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